Automotive engineering

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To the limits - and beyond

Developing leading technologies in the automotive sector is not only about having big ideas or revolutionary concepts. The key to real success is being able to bring these concepts to life. It's about deep thoughts, hard work and full dedication on every single detail. It's also about being lean in management, fast in decisions and fully focussed on what really counts: doing high-end engineering to create outstanding machines.

This is how it’s done, this is how we do it.

Automotive Engineering

The main business of JP design & innovation is to create outstanding solutions for automotive vehicles on land, especially for sports cars and motorsport purposes. In this segment we've done multiple projects with a range from engineering for various OEMs, building rallye cars and GT2-series race cars as well as a Pikes-Peak hillclimb project.

Beyond Automotive

Despite the focus of automotive motorsports, our company also supports projects beyond this sector. Especially nautical applications have become a significant part of our scope and even some aeronautical projects have been completed successfully by our company.


Our parent company JUBU Performance was founded in 2003 with the focus on improving lightweight sports- and race-cars. In 2014, the engineering department has been outsourced to the new born JP Design & Innovation GmbH. This step has enabled our engineers to fully focus on automotive engineering purposes. Besides the excellence in engineering, one key competence of JPDI is the ability to push things forward quickly and achieve results with little bureaucracy, but lots of flexibility.



Automotive engineering

Our company is able to fully design, engineer, build and test complete automotive projects from the scratch to the final product. Our major field of work is focussed on the technical engineering part (powertrain, suspension, chassis, etc.). For designing the bodywork or doing aerodynamics (CFD-simulations, etc.) we work within a network of excellent partners.

Support in selected project areas

Most of our work is supporting automotive, nautical or aeronautical projects with engineering services in specific technical areas. By doing this, we always closely work together with all the other involved engineering companies to reach outstanding results.



Consulting, feasibility studies, etc.

If your project is in a very early stage, our experts can support you by doing feasibility studies and will help you to find optimized technical solutions. We can also help you as consulting engineers at any phase of your development process and even do extensive test-suites to make sure that your product gets ready for production without any flaws.


If it seems that you have reached a dead-end in your project or have permanent troubles with specific components, we would be happy to help you out of such an unfortunate situation. Our experienced team of experts in various technical areas and our lean strutures make quick and sustainable solutions possible.

Get in touch

Our fully equipped headquarters is located in Austria, embedded in the beautiful green hills of the lovely Mühlviertel. Our facilities cover an area of 1300m2, a team of 15+ engineers works on designing, developing & testing outstanding automotive, nautical and aeronautical soulutions for multiple clients. Just send us an e-mail with your contact data and a short description on your project - we will be happy to come back to you.